Healthcare marketing's weird year w/ ReviveHealth's Stephanie Wierwille


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On today’s episode, I chat with Stephanie Wierwille, VP of Content at ReviveHealth. It was recorded on July 7, 2020.

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Healthcare marketers are living in “The No Normal,” according to ReviveHealth.

Stephanie Wierwille, VP of Content at ReviveHealth, and I worked together during my time at Revive in Music City, USA. I always enjoyed discussing influencers and pondering life’s big questions with her, like how effective is snarky fast food Twitter marketing. I learned a lot from her and she was great to work with.

I wanted to speak with Stephanie about what she’s seeing in 2020 from a healthcare marketing perspective. We hit on a lot of topics including health inequity, digital transformation, and how healthcare organizations are adapting to messaging as the COVID-19 pandemic affects their communities and finances.

We also talk about the Facebook boycott and how marketers are discussing the movement. I mention a A Media Operator essay about the subject wherein I butcher Jacob’s analysis. Apologies all around but it’s worth a read.

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