What happens to the insurance industry under a Medicare-for-All plan w/ insurance broker Josh Viles


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Last week, a perspective brief I co-developed with Healthify was published. It was written for payer audiences to learn more about measuring the effectiveness of SDoH interventions. You can download it here.

On this week’s podcast, I talk with insurance broker Josh Viles.

Josh lives here in Richmond, VA and was on the ground level as an insurance broker at the start of the ACA marketplace.

Josh and I spoke about how the markets look different now than six years ago and what would happen to the insurance industry if and when the U.S. moves to a centralized government health plan such as a single payer or Medicare for All program.

If you can believe it, it’s an election year. It’s likely the ACA and insurance markets may come up again during the debates. Just in the not too distant memory of June, President Trump argued to strike the ACA.

Josh believes there would be five to ten years of pain if the U.S. moves to a M4A or single payer model as it’s difficult to decimate an entire industry.

John clearly has a mission statement to help people. If you’re new to the health insurance conversation, Josh helps frame what you can expect from the ACA marketplace and managing the uncertainty unemployment can create during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re a healthcare industry veteran, I hope Josh’s perspective as an insurance broker offers a somewhat fresh perspective as compared to the high level, thought leadership pieces that circulate from time to time.

Thanks for listening. You can find Viles Insurance online here.

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